Yet another mass shooting….propose a convention to rewrite the 2nd amendment

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Drought update Feb 6 2014

The high pressure system off of California that had maintained the drought conditions on the Pacific coast has broken down. An atmospheric river has hit central to northern California; how much of the region’s drought conditions will weaken in the west from this event–time will tell. In the south, the stronger drought conditions are slowly returning. The rest of the country is unchanged or improving.

For statistics for each region, see below.

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Drought update Jan 23 2014

This last week was for the lower 48 states was relatively quite of statistical changes at Drought Monitor.

The biggest change was in Louisiana.

Week Date Nothing D0 D1 D2 D3 D4
Current 1/21/2014 48.66 45.95 5.39 0.00 0.00 0.00
Last Week 1/14/2014 84.28 15.72 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

However, the drought out West, though not “expanding” or “intensifying”–the effects are starting to truly set in. Here are some articles from the last couple of days to show what is going on.


Governor Brown has declared a state of emergency

Speaker of House has gone out to California for a Drought Bill

Historic California drought called a red flag for future of US (+video)

California drought: Scientists puzzled by persistence of blocking ‘ridge’


Oregon Cascades snowpack facing drought

Douglas County drought goes from moderate to severe

There is a  chance of rain for Oregon next 10 days:

Portland on the 28th 50% and 31st 30%
Eugene on the 28th 40% and 30th 30% and 31th 60%
The weather can shift and change rapidly–so by the 28th it could be have 0% of rain or it could be “back to normal” here in Oregon.
(I am not including days with only 10% chance)

Next update is the 30th of Jan.

Hope the is a break in the drought out west, especially in California.