California communities under stress from the drought

There a list of communities that are starting to feel the pressure of the ongoing drought. As the articles below state these communities are only in the range of 39 to 11000 residents. ONLY, who are we kidding. The real question is how long will the list of communities grow to with the prolonged drought and its intensification.

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Drought update Jan 30 2014

The conditions for the contiguous U.S.

Week Date Nothing D0 D1 D2 D3 D4
Current 1/28/2014 43.75 19.76 15.73 13.53 6.40 0.83
Last Week 1/21/2014 46.63 18.94 15.40 12.62 6.04 0.37

This one week change map shows that the drought is expanding slightly. But to break it down based on each region tells a different story.

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Drought update Jan 23 2014

This last week was for the lower 48 states was relatively quite of statistical changes at Drought Monitor.

The biggest change was in Louisiana.

Week Date Nothing D0 D1 D2 D3 D4
Current 1/21/2014 48.66 45.95 5.39 0.00 0.00 0.00
Last Week 1/14/2014 84.28 15.72 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

However, the drought out West, though not “expanding” or “intensifying”–the effects are starting to truly set in. Here are some articles from the last couple of days to show what is going on.


Governor Brown has declared a state of emergency

Speaker of House has gone out to California for a Drought Bill

Historic California drought called a red flag for future of US (+video)

California drought: Scientists puzzled by persistence of blocking ‘ridge’


Oregon Cascades snowpack facing drought

Douglas County drought goes from moderate to severe

There is a  chance of rain for Oregon next 10 days:

Portland on the 28th 50% and 31st 30%
Eugene on the 28th 40% and 30th 30% and 31th 60%
The weather can shift and change rapidly–so by the 28th it could be have 0% of rain or it could be “back to normal” here in Oregon.
(I am not including days with only 10% chance)

Next update is the 30th of Jan.

Hope the is a break in the drought out west, especially in California.

Defining Droughts

There are weekly updates from Drought Monitor from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and I will be commenting on this topic regularly; I thought would be good idea to summarize in short on what a drought can be.

Droughts are natural and erratically occurring events that can happen anywhere around the world. It happens when there is a large-scale disruption with the global circulation of the atmosphere. Droughts are from the result of a shortage of precipitation over variable time periods and areal extents. The effects from lack of rainfall on the day-to-day use for needs of human and nature can create a natural disaster or hazard. Therefore, many disciples examine the causes and effects from droughts, like: geography, environmental science and studies, ecology, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, dendroclimatology, pedology, geology, and agriculture or horticulture.

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What is environmental geography?

Geography is a well established discipline and it has historically been focused on two main branches: human (urban, political, transportation, health to name a few) and physical(hydrology, climatology, glaciology to name a few). In the early to middle of the 20th century geography had more areas of inquiry emerged, they are: regional and Geographic Information Systems, or GIS.

However in the later portion of 20th century, there was an emergence of a new branch of geographic inquiry. With these intertwining of research from all the branches of geography created a new branch. This new branch is referred as environmental geography, or its other name is integrated geography. To define this new branch of geography: it is to describe the positive/negative feedbacks and other phenomena between humans, human-built environments and natural environments with a defined scale over a spatio-temporal structure.

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A goal for 2014–blog more often

Howdy everyone

I failed in epic ways in 2013 to blog. So this will be a serious goal for this year.

Topics that I will be blogging about are:

  • Environmental Geography it will be mainly around droughts, aridification and desertification
  • Linear algebra, geometry, and other math subjects
  • GIS
  • Outdoor activities hiking and getting out of urban confines
  • Iran and Persia current and historical events
  • Movies
  • Oregon and Portland politics

Plus anything else that fancies me

Good bye 2013 and hello to 2014