California communities under stress from the drought

There a list of communities that are starting to feel the pressure of the ongoing drought. As the articles below state these communities are only in the range of 39 to 11000 residents. ONLY, who are we kidding. The real question is how long will the list of communities grow to with the prolonged drought and its intensification.

They now looking to drill new wells to help out, based on FEMA and California’s Office of Emergency Services. What longer-term impacts to the local water system if new wells are kept open and flowing?
Additionally, new pipelines and trucking in water are now part of the solution.
San Francisco and Santa Clara Valley water districts are voluntarily cutback of 10% of the water supply to help. Other Bay area water districts are not at this stage.
Looking at the map from the link from above, there are two major cities Bakersfield and Frenso that are in overall area that are having communities effected. Only time will tell, if these major cities will impose water cutbacks and restrictions.
The farming community has taken a huge hit from the lack of rain. Approximately 12% of the land will be left unused for agriculture since there is a shortage of water. Additionally, producers could sale their water outright instead of growing crops. These could mean a smaller crop of certain items. Items that could be impacted: milk, nuts, tomatoes, avocados; to name a few.
We need to look at pro-active solutions, instead of reactive solution.

17 California communities running low on water

California Farms Going Thirsty as Drought Burns $5 Billion Hole


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