Yet another mass shooting….propose a convention to rewrite the 2nd amendment

Yes the title of this post is oozing with apathy on this topic.  Why, you ask?  The speech-making and talking points from both sides of this topic are becoming a broken record. Continue reading


A goal for 2014–blog more often

Howdy everyone

I failed in epic ways in 2013 to blog. So this will be a serious goal for this year.

Topics that I will be blogging about are:

  • Environmental Geography it will be mainly around droughts, aridification and desertification
  • Linear algebra, geometry, and other math subjects
  • GIS
  • Outdoor activities hiking and getting out of urban confines
  • Iran and Persia current and historical events
  • Movies
  • Oregon and Portland politics

Plus anything else that fancies me

Good bye 2013 and hello to 2014