Defining Droughts

There are weekly updates from Drought Monitor from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and I will be commenting on this topic regularly; I thought would be good idea to summarize in short on what a drought can be.

Droughts are natural and erratically occurring events that can happen anywhere around the world. It happens when there is a large-scale disruption with the global circulation of the atmosphere. Droughts are from the result of a shortage of precipitation over variable time periods and areal extents. The effects from lack of rainfall on the day-to-day use for needs of human and nature can create a natural disaster or hazard. Therefore, many disciples examine the causes and effects from droughts, like: geography, environmental science and studies, ecology, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, dendroclimatology, pedology, geology, and agriculture or horticulture.

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What is environmental geography?

Geography is a well established discipline and it has historically been focused on two main branches: human (urban, political, transportation, health to name a few) and physical(hydrology, climatology, glaciology to name a few). In the early to middle of the 20th century geography had more areas of inquiry emerged, they are: regional and Geographic Information Systems, or GIS.

However in the later portion of 20th century, there was an emergence of a new branch of geographic inquiry. With these intertwining of research from all the branches of geography created a new branch. This new branch is referred as environmental geography, or its other name is integrated geography. To define this new branch of geography: it is to describe the positive/negative feedbacks and other phenomena between humans, human-built environments and natural environments with a defined scale over a spatio-temporal structure.

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A goal for 2014–blog more often

Howdy everyone

I failed in epic ways in 2013 to blog. So this will be a serious goal for this year.

Topics that I will be blogging about are:

  • Environmental Geography it will be mainly around droughts, aridification and desertification
  • Linear algebra, geometry, and other math subjects
  • GIS
  • Outdoor activities hiking and getting out of urban confines
  • Iran and Persia current and historical events
  • Movies
  • Oregon and Portland politics

Plus anything else that fancies me

Good bye 2013 and hello to 2014