What is the Burnt City?

Shahr-e Sukhteh or Shahr-i Sokhta, in English it means The Burnt City is an ancient city in SE Iran near the Pakistan border. It is on the potential list for future UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.  

It was founded in 3200 BCE. It was ruined in 2100 BCE and in the course of its 1100-year life was witness to four eras of civilization. It was sacked three times and completely ruined in the third fire, hence the name “Burnt City”.(1)

Interesting archaeological finds:

  • Artificial or a prosthetic eye in the skull of a woman.(1)
  • Backgammon dice.(1)

Shahr-e Sukhtehr’s size was approximately 150 hectares.

(1) http://tehrantimes.com/highlights/95935-shahr-e-sukhteh-unearthing-the-5000-year-old-city/


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